August 15, 2019

Why does an online gaming operator request verification documents when one is requesting a withdrawal and what is normally required?

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"If someone has won a jackpot online or just simply wanted to cash out, they may be asked for additional information. Most people wonder why this is necessary, and what amount of time they’ll have to wait to receive their payment. Verification processes are used by online gaming websites for a couple different reasons. This article will address the ‘how” and ‘why” these events happen and how to get them taken care of quickly and easily.

Why does an online gaming operator request verification documents when one is requesting a withdrawal and what is normally required?

The first reason online casinos verify information is for age verification. Typically this is a simple process that simply involves running the player’s personally identifying information such as a passport or a driver’s license through a database. Should a successful verification occur, the player will be considered as “passed” for age verification and can get on with playing. If the verification fails, players may be asked to provide the casino with additional documentation or have to answer some questions regarding information that only the gaming customer would know. If the verification still doesn’t work, the player will be unable to gamble at the site, and will most likely be flagged in the database as well.

When considering verifications, players should keep in mind that online casinos are heavily regulated businesses. Protecting the company, as well as the customers and employees is in everyone’s best interest. As a result of a minor inconvenience, the websites are able to provide a much higher quality gaming experience. The company saves money and is able to invest more in players, rewards and new developments.

Another reason that gaming websites will request documentation is for identifying that the payouts provided are going to the rightful recipient. The casino will impose a time frame known as a “pending time.” This time frame is typically one to five days to complete. The reason casinos may request personally identifying information for the customer is clear; the online casino must see proof that they are the rightful owner of the account they are depositing into. Again, a passport or photo identification card will typically suffice. Some online casinos also request you provide proof that the name of the customer is listed on the account. This will require sending either a statement or a copy of the physical proof of payment. Physical proof requires that the player actually photographs or copies the information and sends it in.

Many times, customers express concerns as to why this information needs to be verified, and rightfully so. Among the top concerns are that the player used a funding or withdrawal option that is already verified, such as with e-wallets. While it’s true that these accounts are typically verified with a payment processor; there’s no evidence to the casino that the correct owner of the account is on the other end of the computer. Also, while processors like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill are considered to be the safest online payment methods available; the humble beginnings of these processors was a bumpy road. Many scams and false accounts were created with these processors before they stepped up their game. Credit cards are also typically considered to be self-verifying accounts; however, there have been instances where the player is not the actual card holder and the lines defining fraud become suddenly blurred. Also, a customer may have had the payment method lost or stolen and found its way into the wrong hands. While the pending process is a small wait, the protection of everyone involved is always the best policy.

Another reason that verification may be needed or a holdup may occur is if the casino operator detects that the win being claim is invalid or fraudulent. Again, it’s important to remember that the operators are under strict obligation to enforce the laws of the gaming jurisdiction. While technology has come a long way, it’s still not perfect. Occasionally, what may seem like a valid win to the customer is actually a malfunction. For example, the game may state winnings were accumulated, however, the pay lines tell a different story. Also, while casino’s attempt to make everything as fair and foolproof as possible; occasionally, dishonest people find ways to violate the terms and conditions. Should the customer believe they won a large sum, taking a screenshot or even a picture with your mobile device will help validate and expedite the matter. Occasionally, a third party must verify jackpot winnings, and they must also be able to ensure the recipient of the prize is the guest they matter to be.

In a nutshell, the verification process and documentation requested is a rather simple process. The casinos only make money if guests are happy, and do everything in their power to keep customers coming back. Customers who are concerned about sending additional documentation need not worry. The transmission process is secured with the most advanced SSL encryption technology. These simple processes may add a day or two more than expected to complete processing, but all things considered are well worth the wait. Most people visit online casinos to have fun and relax. Not having to worry about things like identity theft and fraud should have customers happy that the online casino is looking out for their best interest. Once the information is established to be up to regulation, the process is much smoother each time the guest visits. Protecting your personal information and the casino protecting their business means everyone is a winner in this scenario!"

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