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Best 81 Video Poker Mobile Casino in 2021

"## How to Play Video Poker on Your Mobile Device\n\nIn this article, you will learn how to play video poker on your mobile device like a pro. It contains everything you need to know to start playing and winning. Even if you already played the game before, you will appreciate the tips and tricks provided.\n\nPeople have been playing poker for ages and in 1970 the first video poker machine was introduced by Dale Electronics, called, "Poker-Matic." Shortly after, in the mid-1970s, Si Redd, a Bally's Gaming distributer, designed the actual Video Poker game that can be played on a platform and started Si Redd's Coin Machines (SIRCOMA)."

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Best 81 Video Poker Mobile Casino in 2021

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  • Live chat open 24/7
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 0-24 withdrawal timeframe
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Bonus100% up to $300

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  • Daily Jackpots
  • Live support available 24/7
  • 1000+ slot games
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Spin Samurai

BonusGet over €2000 + 100 Spins 🎰
  • 100 FS on newcomers
  • Generous cash bonuses
  • Samurai loyalty program


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  • New online casino
  • More than 6000 games

Unique Casino



18+ | Play Responsibly | gamblingtherapy.org | T&Cs Apply

  • Generous bonuses
  • Wide range of games
  • Sportsbetting available


18+ | Play Responsibly | gamblingtherapy.org | T&Cs Apply

  • Generous Bonuses
  • Sportsbetting Available
  • Mobile-friendly

Europa Casino

BonusUp to €2400 Welcome Bonus

18+ | Play Responsibly | gamblingtherapy.org | T&Cs Apply

  • High payouts > 98%
  • Mobile friendly
  • Trusted since 2003
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"## How to Begin Playing\nAssuming you already know how to play poker as most everyone does.\n\nYou start by choosing a denominator. Every platform provides their own options for you to choose from that may include .1 cent (penny), .2 cents, .5 cents, .25 cents, .50 cents, $1 (Dollar), and up.\n\nAfter selecting your denominator, you will then have the option of choosing how much you would like to bet. Most games have a limit to what you can bet that's usually from 1 to 5 coins, whereas others allow you to bet up to 10 coins, 100 coins, or more.\n\nNow you are ready to start playing. The majority of games have two ways to place your first bet. You can either bet one or more coins at a time by clicking on "Bet" (or "Bet 1") or you can hit the "Bet Max" button to bet the max amount allowed. After that, you can continue betting the same amount by hitting the "Deal" button.\n\nBetting max, by either hitting the "Bet Max" button or betting one coin at a time until you reach the limit, will usually result in your hand being dealt out automatically. Otherwise, if you bet anything under the limit, click "Deal" to begin and 5 cards will be displayed onscreen.\n\n## Important Rules to Follow\n\nThere are many video poker games available today. Game providers often offer several of them to choose from.\n\n• Straight Video Poker: Jacks or better\n\n• Bonus Poker: Four twos, threes, or fours pay more, but four Aces pays even higher\n\n• Bonus Poker Deluxe: same as bonus poker, but get a two, three, four, or ace with any bonus 4 of a kind and win more.\n\n• Deuces Wild: three of a kind or higher to win and twos can be used as any card needed to win\n\n• Joker's Wild: Basically the same as deuces only pays a little more as there is usually only 1 joker.\n\nWhile many gaming platforms will automatically hold the best option for you, others won't.\n\nTherefore, in order to proceed, you must hold the cards you want to keep then click "Draw" whereas only those selected will remain and the others will be discarded and replaced with new cards. However, some games are different. Rather than selecting which cards to keep, you will have to choose the cards you want to discard instead and then click "Draw" to replace them. You can choose to keep all your cards or discard all of them.\n\nIf you win, your reward will be instantly added to your balance.\n\n## Helpful Tips and Game Strategies\n\nBasic video poker pay tables\n\n1 coin bet\n\n• Jacks or Better = 1\n\n• Two Pair = 2\n\n• Three of a kind = 3\n\n• Straight = 4 or 5\n\n• Flush = 6\n\n• Full House = 9\n\n• Four of a kind = 20 or 25\n\n• Straight Flush = 40 or 50\n\n• Royal Straight Flush = 250\n\n5 coins bet\n\n• Jacks or Better = 5\n\n• Two Pair = 5 or 10\n\n• Three of a kind = 15\n\n• Straight = 20 or 25\n\n• Flush = 30 or 35\n\n• Full House = 45\n\n• Four of a kind = 100 or 125\n\n• Straight Flush = 200 or 250\n\n• Royal Straight Flush = 4000\n\nNote the difference between payouts for hitting a Royal with 1 or 5 coins bet.\n\nEach coin doubles your winnings for all hits, except for a Royal. To win the jackpot award for a Royal, you must bet max coins.\n\nYou should always go for whatever pays more and here's why..,\n\nYou only need 2 more spades for a flush that pays 30 to 35 coins as you have 3 spades, but you also have 2 fours so you only need 1 more for 15 coins and 2 more will give you a four of a kind that pays 100 to 125 coins.\n\n## Playing Video Poker For Free\n\nThe best thing about playing video poker on a mobile device is most casinos allow you to play for free, which is also fun and exciting.\n\nThe main reason why they offer their members this option is usually so they can try out the games before betting real money on them.\n\nPlaying for free gives you a chance to learn how to play and get used to the user interface so that you will know where everything is and what things are used for. You wouldn't want to start playing with real money and accidentally hit bet max where the limit is almost all your coins and lose.\n\n## Playing Video Poker with Real Money\n\nIt's fun to gamble since you have a chance to win, but your chances of losing are higher.\n\nFor some, gambling is a problem as it can be addictive.\n\nWinning seems so easy after you win, so some stake back their winnings plus more trying to win again.\n\nOthers can't stand to lose so after losing a few bucks, they will continue to gamble trying to win their money back.\n\nThis takes all the fun out of gambling. However, if you gamble responsibly by setting limits to what you can afford to lose, then gambling can be loads of fun especially when you win.\n\n## History of Playing Video Poker\n\nSince video poker was invented, people have been enjoying playing. Over the years, it has been played by many individuals as a way to escape their hectic lives and just relax with some "me" time. Thus, numerous people have also won a considerable amount of money while playing video poker.\n\nThere are also some people who are so good at playing; they actually make a living off playing the game.\n\nThroughout the year's video poker has become very popular and gained many fans. It is a great pastime that you can play for money or for free just to escape reality and enjoy yourself."

1Platinum Play$2007.19
2Unique Casino7.2
3Lucky Niki$3338
4Slots MagicUp to €100 + 50 Free Spins8
5CasumoUp to $1200 Bonus10
6Royal SpinzUp to €8009
722BETUp to $4506
8Gaming Club$3507.12
9SpinambaUp to $3000 + 100 Spins7.73
10Play Million$2008
Online Poker Strategies

Online Poker Strategies

Video poker is one of the most underrated casino games ever. That is partly because the game requires a lot of discipline, bankroll management, and determination. But all this is a myth with the right online poker strategy. Whether you prefer cash games or poker tournaments, below are some tips to help you make money playing online poker. Let’s learn!

Online Video Poker Strategy that Actually Work

Online Video Poker Strategy that Actually Work

Forget about the famous video slots for a minute. Video poker is the casino game to play. Video poker machines promise higher returns than slot machines or any other casino game. While the average return on a slot machine is less than 95%, video poker can hit 98% or higher. But to get your hands on this attractive prize, you need the perfect poker strategy. So, read on to learn a few.

The 5 Best Video Poker Strategies

The 5 Best Video Poker Strategies

Online video poker ranks easily among the simplest online casino games. It’s simple to learn, and the payouts are excellent. But if you want to earn playing poker online, there are some simple rules that you must understand. While the rules apply differently on each variant, the main aim is to qualify for a five-card hand and grab the paytable prize. So, read on if you want to beat the casino playing video poker.

Top 5 Reasons to Install Mobile Online Poker Apps

Top 5 Reasons to Install Mobile Online Poker Apps

If you’re searching for reasons to start playing mobile poker, you’re def initely in the right place. That said, gamers particularly like video poker apps becau se they offer two hugely important games – video poker and slots . However, there’s more to this than only playing slots and video poker. So, I’ve rounded up some top reasons why you need to play mobile online poker today!

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