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Best 99 Roulette Mobile Casino in 2021 🏆

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Everything About Mobile Roulette

Roulette gained popularity back in the 18th century in France, though it is older. Blaise Pascal first initiated this fantastic casino game in the 17th century, although in a non-advanced version. Most historians firmly believe that he was searching for the continuous moving machine before its invention.

While it is popularly known in the realms of traditional bricks and mortar casinos, roulette is now in online casinos and is also available in live casinos as well. Players can also choose to play mobile roulette from their Smartphone or iPad while on the go, as long as they actually have a reliable internet connection.

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How to Play Mobile Roulette

Casinos have different playing mechanisms depending on their players and their needs. Most casinos offer its roulette players either individual or group options. Players get a chance to bet either single numbers or group number varieties.

Ideally, a croupier or the roulette software helps in spinning the roulette wheel and ball in opposite directions over the wheel track. The ball then proceeds over the wheel in a descending momentum through the deflector area until it loses speed eventually. Naturally, the ball comes to a halt into one of the colored and numbered game pockets situated within the roulette wheel.

Now, players can decide to place a bet and risk their money to determine if the ball will land into their chosen pocket. The object of the game is to make sure the ball falls into the roulette wheel pocket players decided upon. This translates to a win.

However, in French style roulette, pocket number 0 means that the player has lost the game to the casino. Therefore, depending on the type of bet placed, winning is either on red or black, denoting odd or even numbers, respectively. Winners collect their winnings instantly, and if they lose, the house collects all the money.

Rules and Regulations

Every game has its own rules and regulations, so a roulette casino game is no exception. Since roulette casino games have different betting options for their players, placing a successful bet is a crucial skill for winning. To play, placing a stake on a selected precise number, is one way.

Another way is by placing it on any game pockets, based on how near or far the numbers are from the estimated layout. So, players who wish to bet outside can do so at will; thus their bet selection determinants lay on bigger pocket groupings. Winning also depends on the pocket color and an even or odd bet.

Be it French roulette or American roulette, the rules of the game are similar, and so are the winning payouts. In French or American roulette, the power of probability comes into play at all times. Roulette payouts to its players after winning the game is known as the probability power. The power lies in the odds probability of each type of bet.

Depending on maximum or minimum bets, rules slightly vary for inside bets and outside bets. For inside table bets, most casinos distinguish its players by using different chip colors. For roulette, the game is single-player, but if players want to play with other gamblers, they can opt for live roulette.

Roulette Strategy

As much as roulette is a game of chance, lack of strategic bet placing skills can render gamblers' pockets empty in no time. To play it successfully, applying some of these witty tactics can help secure a win.

First, playing on a table which permits both maximum and minimum bets is essential to winning the game swiftly. This ancient tactic enables players to double lost bets, even if the initial bet placed is on the minimum scale. Assuming a player wins after placing an even or odd bet, they keep the game winnings and bet again on the minimum level.

Players don't need to sweat when they lose the first bet, because there is still a chance of redemption. They get back on track after a loss by betting twice the initial amount. Initially, if a player lost the bet, all they have to do is to place a double amount on the previous number again.

For players who are lucky enough, they can win this time. However, if the bet is lost again, doubling the amount on the same number can reap a big win. The probability factor cannot permit a loss for the third time in a row. This is the Martingale's strategy.

Free Mobile Roulette

For those who fancy taking the roulette wheel for a spin and have no money to play? Well, there is still a spot for such players. The immense transitions in the casino industry bring free online roulette for its game lovers. Modern-day casinos nowadays have free mobile roulette for their loyal players.

Thrilled players around the globe can now rake in an uncountable number of chips just by playing free roulette casino games online. The beauty of it all is that free online roulette is simple; no sign-ups needed. While free money bets sound lucrative, be aware of the wagering requirements they tag along with.

Real Money Roulette

Players are probably wondering if they can play for real money on their mobile. Yes, it is possible, and nothing beats the joy of playing for real money. Many casinos give players a chance to play for real money. Players need to load their accounts using various mobile methods.

Whether players want to play free online roulette or play for real money, there is a vast game selection to choose from in casinos. While actual cash attracts real winnings, they make sure to play responsibly. Players should never gamble what they can't afford to lose and always remember, gambling isn't a substitute for work or school.


Some people play for money, and others play for fun. Whatever the reason, mobile roulette stands unbeaten in the entertainment industry by having a significant number of fans and players too. Both newbies and experienced roulette players attest to loving the game even if they lose to the house.

Losing a bet is not the end of playing the game, because of the joy of playing again to turn luck to the player's side. Most roulette players gain their lost bets right after losing them by placing bets again, especially if they put them on the previous number. They try their luck by playing roulette.

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