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Best 55 Pai Gow Mobile Casino in 2021

"## Mobile Pai Gow Online\n\nPai Gow? What is that? Many poker-loving players are only limited to knowing the Texas Hold'em variant, but casino games have huge varieties that, despite being played with different rules, present multiple fun options. Pai Gow is one of those games that are always present in many casinos but that have few fans.\n\nTo be a poker player with skill in different variants, it is important to know the rules of Pai Gow. This game is played with Chinese dominoes and originated in China, so it's very popular in East Asia, especially in betting centers such as Macau. Its name means "make nine", so the maximum score is nine."

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Best 55 Pai Gow Mobile Casino in 2021

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How To Play Pai Gow

How To Play Pai Gow

It is not complicated to play Pai Gow. Nor is it difficult to understand Chinese dominoes; any player can quickly become familiar. At the beginning of each game, the tiles must be shuffled and organized in eight stacks, face down. Each stack will have four tiles and, in addition, each player must have a stack of tiles.

When each player has his stack of chips, he must form two hands of two chips. The one that has less value will be the front hand and the one that has low value will be the back hand.

In this way, the bets are started because the player's back hand will try to exceed that of the dealer, and the same with the front hand. That way, it will be determined who is the winner of the bet. It is also possible that one of the hands may beat the dealer's but the other cannot. In this case, the player does not win the bet, but does recover the money he invested in the bet. It is important to know that the maximum score is usually nine, although there are different ways to count the digits of the Chinese dominoes.

Pai Gow Rules

Pai Gow's rules are not particularly difficult but they do require attention. To begin, it is important to understand how the score works. The two tiles that make up a hand are always taken into account. To start, you must add the total number of pips. In case both pips add nine or less, that figure will be kept for the account.

However, it is very possible that both tiles add 10 or more. In that case, 10 must be subtracted from the account. For example, if you have two tiles of values 6-5 and 4-3, the result would be 18. By subtracting 10, the account would be 8.

It is also possible to keep other accounts in the Pai Gow, which allow the hand to exceed nine regulatory points. For example, it is possible to form a Gong, which is worth ten points, only if it is made up of chips 1-1 and 6-6, together with an 8. Instead, if they are joined with a 9, a Wong is formed, which is worth eleven.

Another possibility to add are the pairs. In case there are two even tiles, it is often said that these will always be worth 12 points. The highest ranking pair will always be the one who wins the bet, so these combinations are highly coveted.

Pai Gow Strategy

Time, reflection and decision. Those are the main features of the strategy that should be taken when playing Pai Gow. By having both tiles, the possible combination must be determined in order to overcome the dealer's hands. The first thing to see is if there's any possible combination to form a pair, because those are the most valuable.

On the other side, it's important to focus on getting as close as possible to nine. When having the tiles, the three possible combinations must be analyzed. This is the moment where the player must appeal to his knowledge in the game, to decide if there is another possible combination greater than nine.

It is possible that the player quickly perceives that his tiles fail to add high score. In that case, they can try not to lose the bet by sacrificing one of their hands and try to form as much as possible in a pair. Thus, in the best case, you can get a bet reward.

In any case, the dynamic of Pai Gow is fast and decisive. Although planning is needed on each play, the brevity of the game allows it to be agile and you can win or lose money quickly. Therefore, the strategy must also be of caution all the time.

Pai Gow Free

Free games, without bets involved, have many advantages. Pai Grow is a game that is not known by many people but has many positive things. That is why, before betting playing Pai Grow, it is very important to know what are the characteristics of the game, and its peculiarities.

This practice can be achieved with free games, especially those online or available on smartphones. The Pai Gow today is completely universal, so with a couple of clicks any player can practice at no cost. This game is also a way of sharing among friends; it doesn't have to be just about economic gain.

Pai Gow With Real Money

Betting is fun, beneficial and exciting, but like everything else, it has its pros and cons. All players should know that betting is a decision that must be made with peace of mind and sanity, and should not be part of individual passions: money is not a game.

The first thing that must be guaranteed is that there's prior knowledge about the rules of the game, because that will put the player in a situation of equality with the rest. Also, the player must have a loss budget and a limit of money to bet which should not be exceeded.

History of Pai Gow

There are some historical references that say Pai Grow is the oldest casino game in the world. Chinese dominoes have been around for hundreds of years and are related to games that were part of the different Chinese dynasties. However, over time, the game has had adaptations.

The traditional game of dominoes remains in much of the world, and even in casinos. But in 1985, Sam Torosian, a casino owner in California, created the Pai Gow poker, an adaptation of the game to the 52-card deck. In this way, the game has become popular worldwide, without Chinese dominoes being necessary.

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