Best Casino War Mobile Casino in 2022/2023

Casino war must be one of the easiest mobile casino games found online and is a great introduction to having a bet for those that have never played many card games for money. The concept is simple. Learn what the values of a simple deck of cards are and then playing is an absolute breeze. Let's learn more.

The players start by making a compulsory wager and can also make a bet on a tie. The dealer hands out a card to the player and another to the person dealing. The highest card wins. it is as simple as that. Aces are the highest card.

If there is a tie then the player can get 10-1 and has a choice to stop or go to war. Stopping means giving half of the main bet back to the person dealing to finish the game.

War means placing another wager equal to the main bet made originally. The dealer and player then get one more card.

The player will win the casino war card game if the second card is the same to or higher than the person dealings' card. When a player wins, the bet pays evens and a war pushes.

There are a few ways to increase the chances of a win by limiting additional bets in the event of a tie and the payout is huge but the chances are low so consider carefully. There is no jackpot so smaller bets will make good coin over time. If no ace has been seen for some time then look out for one because it guarantees a win or a tie. Betting on ties is also a low return for a high risk, so bet sparingly on this.

Casino war game is fun, simple and a great introduction to the game.

Best Casino War Mobile Casino in 2022/2023
What is Casino War?

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