November 13, 2021

Mobile Casino Changes to Expect from 5G Technology

Emily Tremblay
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5G (fifth generation) is a mobile network designed to help mobile phone users enjoy stable and super-fast internet connections. Thinks of it as an upgrade from the 4G network, which you probably have on your smartphone currently.

Mobile Casino Changes to Expect from 5G Technology

Naturally, the 5G technology is expected to impact the mobile gambling industry significantly. But how? This article takes a look at what mobile casinos should expect from the 5G network.

Super-Fast Gaming Speed

One reason some players prefer using desktops for gaming is slow data speeds on mobile. Although 4G is widespread currently, it offers unstable connectivity, especially at its peak times. Also, 3G is extremely slow, with 2G almost extinct in most areas. Yes, that’s how far the cellular network industry has come.

Luckily, you can switch to 5G and enjoy a broader bandwidth and single millisecond latency compared to 4G. Now this means casinos will stream their games at demonic speeds, keeping players happy and entertained in return. Overall, mobile game load-up speed will be quicker than ever before, thanks to 5G internet.

High-Quality Mobile Gaming Interface and Graphics

Credit where it’s due; the mobile gaming industry has grown leaps and bounds during the 4G era. But with the far-reaching 5G bandwidth, casino players should expect to enjoy insanely good graphics and an improved overall gaming experience. That’s because the more than 10 Gbps download speed is far more than what you get with 4G (around 300 Mbps).

Also, mobile casinos will now optimize their games to offer a more mesmerizing 5G experience. Because of 5G’s low latency, your phone will download gaming data from casino servers at much faster speeds. Result? Improved HD graphics!

Live Casino Games Will Dominate

Again, 4G is the mastermind behind the popularity of the live casino experience. Today, mobile players can enjoy playing live table games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and craps at the convenience of their homes on live casinos. These games offer an engaging real-life experience in rooms managed by real-life croupiers. Remember, live games are streamed live from casino studios stationed all over the world.

It’s an open secret that 4G is struggling to cope with the high-intensity action in most live dealer rooms. As a result, most players use Wi-Fi for a seamless gaming experience. But with the 5G high-speed connectivity, streaming live games on your phone will now be faster. It’s even safe to say that the industry will see more multi-player table games.

The Rise of VR (Virtual Reality) Gaming

Apart from live gaming, casino players can also look to enjoy a real-life experience via VR technology. In fact, some game developers are even merging these two innovations to create an out-of-this-world gaming experience. A good example is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt from Evolution Gaming.

That said, you can’t enjoy 3D graphics using VR headsets and pads with a slow internet connection like 4G or 3G. On the other hand, 5G’s low latency and high-speed downloads will birth a futuristic era of cloud gaming via VR technology.

What about mobile casino payments?

Generally, the type of mobile network you use will determine the transaction speed at your favorite online casino. For example, you may have noticed that loading a banking page and completing a transaction is faster with a more robust internet network like Wi-Fi.

5G will see bank and e-wallet transactions at the casino become even faster. The last few interesting years have also seen an increase in cryptocurrency gambling. Having a fast network like 5G will only encourage more mobile casino players to go crypto.

5G is the Future

Honestly, it will take a couple of years before the industry fully adopts the 5G network and reap the total rewards. But for now, mobile phone manufacturers continue to roll out more 5G phones as the internet coverage expands globally. So, it’s only a matter of when before 4G becomes part of history.

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