Choose Boku for mobile casino payments



Boku allows gamblers to deposit money into their mobile casino account without providing identification details. No need for a bank account when using it.

Choose Boku for mobile casino payments

Link to Boku's website is here

Using Boku at Mobile Casinos - What you Need to Know

To use Boku on your mobile phone, you do not need to register. Mobile operators and casinos register with Boku and pay fees to allow gamblers to deposit their money easily. So, you should not expect any boring registration form or procedure when depositing money through Boku. It is available to all mobile casino gamblers.

Your first step involves heading to the online casino’s banking section and navigating to the money deposit part. Click on the Boku option and the casino will open another screen. Boku does not ask for any credit card or debit card information so you do not need any bank account. Use your mobile phone number.

Enter the amount of money

To deposit money into your mobile casino account, you just need to input two things – the amount of money and the mobile phone number. After that, click "Submit" or something similar and proceed to the next step, which involves confirmation of the transaction. Gamblers love Boku due to simplicity and safety.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to deposit money as many times as you want. Boku has established daily limits. In the UK, the limit is 30 pounds but you can check the actual amount with your mobile casino operator or mobile phone operator. The amount might vary from one casino to the other.

Confirm the deposit through text message

After clicking on “Submit”, you will receive a text message on your phone. Check for a code in the message and input it into the casino site. Boku will then add the money to your account. The confirmation step is important for security reasons.

Boku sends the confirmation message to your mobile phone immediately you request to deposit money. So, remember to keep your phone nearby when making the deposit. Boku is available in over 70 countries and it works with almost every mobile phone operator in the countries. Ensure that the mobile casino you intend to sign for accepts Boku.

Are there any deposit charges?

No, Boku only charges fees to the merchants and that means that the mobile casino will pay all the charges. However, before you start the money deposit process, remember to check with the casino. They might charge more money after you exceed the package limit.

Speaking of the limitations, Boku is a mobile money payment method. That means you can only deposit money into your mobile casino account but you cannot withdraw it. To withdraw your money prizes, you need to try the alternative withdrawal methods. Also, Boku limits you on the amount of money you can deposit each day.

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