10 Gambling Gift Ideas for Online Casino Lovers



Christmas is finally here, and it’s the season to prepare gifts. That said, online casino game developers are already a step ahead with some excellent Christmas casino games. But what about you? Are you still searching for the perfect gambling gift but you don’t know where to start? This article makes your selection task easier with some top-class Christmas gambling gifts for your casino-loving friend or relative.

10 Gambling Gift Ideas for Online Casino Lovers

A Real Slot Machine

Video slots are a common thing on most regulated online casinos. They are entertaining, simple to play, and offer high payouts. That’s why no casino lover worth their salt wouldn’t appreciate a personal slot machine as a gift. However, this bulky gift will set you back a few bucks. But in the end, your loved one will undoubtedly love a used slot machine. Most casinos dispose of their older slot machines and replace them with newer models. Exploit this opportunity and let your loved one play a Christmas slot game right at home.

Custom Playing Cards

A set of poker or blackjack cards is readily available in most homes. So, how can you make this gift stand out from the already available options at home? Simple! Customize the cards with the best photo of your loved one. You can have the picture imprinted at the back or front of the cards. A bright smiley photo can do!

Personalized Poker Chips

If your loved one is a poker fan, here’s the perfect gift idea to make them happy. You can order for personalized poker chips to add flair to your dear one’s gambling life. Even better, this gift is readily available online in multiple colors.


Any craps player around the house? Get him or her casino-quality craps dice. Of course, real casino dice are usually red and transparent. Do you know why? It’s to prove that there isn’t any weight inside. You can purchase three or four pairs of dice for around $20 to $30 online. If you’re a frequent customer in a land-based casino, talk to the host to give you some casino-quality used dice.

Gambling-Themed Hollywood Movies

Whether you love watching classic or modern movies, gambling is a theme you can’t miss. While watching movies on Blu-ray and DVDs is fast becoming outdated, almost every home has a DVD player. So, get your gambling buff a casino-themed movie like The Gambler (1974), Leaving Las Vegas (1995), The Hangover (2009), and so on. You can also get them a video tutorial explaining how to win specific casino games. You can find this on Amazon.

A Sharp Tailored Outfit with Sleek Pair of Shoes

Watch those excellent casino-themed movies, and you’ll notice one thing – actors are looking sharp. Boost the confidence of your loved one the next time they visit a casino floor by getting them an eye-popping outfit with fitting shoes. Obviously, you’ll have to pay more for this gift.


If finding the above gifts proves to be a mission-impossible, give your loved one money! Although not everyone likes receiving cash as gifts, few casino players would despise this gift. However, it all depends on the packaging. You can give them a coupon with a free casino trip bankrolled with $200 to wager at their favorite casino. You can even take them personally to the casino and have some fun together.


From playing Christmas slots right at home to taking your loved one on a casino trip, gambling gift ideas are many. Just know how to package your surprise gift. Don’t forget to help your dear one find the perfect online casino app.

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