5 winning tips for mobile slots



Slots are currently one of the most popular mobile casino games. That's because they're simple to play with fun lights, beautiful graphics, and excellent sounds. But while slots are just for fun, there is a possibility to win big. But before that, you must strategize adequately to beat the system. So, the following are some helpful tips to help you make money on slots easily.

5 winning tips for mobile slots

Money Management

Whether you're looking to win playing slots or any other form of gambling, this is the first rule to apply. Every bet is a risk, and mobile casinos wouldn't be operational if all gamblers were winning. Fortunately, you can use strategies to increase your winning chances. However, a proper plan can take time to master, and that's why money management is crucial.

Be sure that you can easily manage any losses. Smart slot bettors typically have a budget that they're willing to spend. Always ensure that you don't spend more than a specific bankroll and know when to throw in the towel. Although this might sound restrictive, it's a vital part of the game.

Claim your Free Spins

Today, most online casinos offer players free rewards. These prizes can come in the form of bonus cash, cashback, high roller bonuses, and of course, free spins. 888 Casino, for instance, offers bettors up to 30 free spins for just installing the app and creating an account successfully.

Remember that you can only use the free spins on specific mobile casino games, specifically Star burst. The main reason why online casinos provide this nice incentive is to allow new players to familiarize themselves with the platform before committing real money. So, don't pass this chance!

Understand the Slot Machines

To unlock the secret to winning on slots, players must, first of all, learn how the slot machines operate. Many online tricks are based on older models that are not operational anymore. Modern online slots use RNG (random number generator) software. This complex system generates thousands, if not millions, of results per second even when no one is playing.

This means that playing slots is indeed a game of chance, and landing that attractive jackpot only depends on luck. But what most gamers don't know is that odds can vary from slot to slot. Therefore, employing some simple tricks, like those mentioned here, can help you make money on mobile slots.

Read the Payout Percentage

On top of RTP, all slots have payout percentages. So, what does this mean? A slot payout percentage is simply the average amount returned to a gamer as winnings, compared to the wagered amount. Usually, the payout percentage can't guarantee the amount you win per session or even 1000 sessions. But the more you spin, the closer you get to the slot machine's payout percentage.

For example, your favorite mobile slot may offer a payout percentage of 95%. You then proceed to make a $100 bet. In that case, your average winnings will be $95. Therefore, it's evident that choosing a slot with a higher payout percentage is the smarter move. But like I've said initially, that's just the average. So you can always blow out the payout percentage with one big jackpot win.

The Wagering Requirement

It's essential to check the fine print before committing any real money in a mobile slot. Some mobile slots have high playthrough requirements. This means that players will find it difficult to withdraw any winnings accrued from playing their favorite slots.

Imagine winning a big jackpot playing a slot, only to find out that you won't withdraw the cash until you wager more money. If you're a low stakes player, this means you may never fulfill the playthrough requirement. So, always go for a realistic wagering requirement.


There's certainly no wrong way to make money on slots. You can select a slot machine based on any factor, and there's no shortcut to increase your winning odds. But with the tips and tricks above, you'll have a head start as a beginner slot player. Remember always that the most vital aspect of playing slots is to have fun.

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