Lucky Charms for Gambling: The Magic Behind a Box of Cereal



Katrin Becker

Have you ever heard of Lucky Charms for gambling? Lucky charms are a box of cereal with little marshmallows that taste magically delicious. Lucky charms can help your luck in the game, and lucky charms for gambling are no different!

Lucky Charms for Gambling: The Magic Behind a Box of Cereal

This article is about how Lucky Charms can help you win big at mobile casino games like blackjack, poker, bingo and slots.

With the luckiest of gambles, you may find yourself in possession of one or more lucky charms. From coins to Laughing Buddha and horseshoes, there are many items that people believe will bring them good fortune.

In fact, lots of gamblers have their own secret charm they keep in person when playing at a casino table because it's believed this increases odds for winning big! Here is our list:

Four-leaf Clover

Lucky clovers first became associated with the Irish tradition of St. Patrick's Day when a three-leaf clover was recognized as a symbolic icon for Christian Holy Trinity: The God, The Son, and The Holy Spirit on this holy day in honor of Ireland’s patron saint.

Nowadays though if you are lucky enough to find one that has four leaves instead then it is seen not only as good luck but also an omen from heaven itself!

When we think about how rare these special little plants really are there can be no denying they have some serious power or strong connection to divine grace which makes them so much more unique than any other symbol out there today because unlike most lotteries...the odds greatly favor the person who finds it.


Since the beginning of time, people have looked for ways to bring more good luck into their lives.

One such way is through a horseshoe charm – named after Saint Dunstan in folklore who nailed it on instead of nailing one onto the Devil's horse, as was his original intent.

The tradition has carried over from ancient times and still exists today with some families hanging them above doors or other places that shield you against unwanted spirits - including those pesky ones who come knocking during dinner!

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is well known for his ability to bring prosperity and wealth. Known as the "Hotai" or "Pu-Tai," he's typically depicted with a happy expression, sitting on bales of rice while rubbing his belly which grants wishes from anyone who rubs it. The statue sits in many homes across China and people believe that if you make your first wish before touching Hotai then all other wishes will come true!

In recent times, this lucky charm has been used by gamblers instead of just those looking for good luck at home. If someone wants more riches out there they can ask their friends to buy them one because now these statues are so popular among casinos too!

Hamsa Hand

In Middle Eastern and Western cultures, the Hamsa or Khamsa is viewed as a protective charm that wards off evil.

It consists of an open palm with an eye in its middle- believed to neutralize any potential harm from the Evil Eye's effects. Islam treats Hamza (the five fingers on your hand) as five pillars of faith: belief, worship, fasting, almsgiving and pilgrimage; further still another interpretation includes depicting Fatimah Zahra’s (Prophet Mohammed’s daughter) hand which was cut by King Yazid ibn Muawiyah for refusing him her husband Ali Ibn Abu Talib when he passed away after being poisoned following his victory at Battle Of Karbala against Umayyad Caliphate.

Alligator Teeth

The fact that gamblers feel like there is something about carrying alligator teeth around – if you are looking to score more luck and money in your gambling adventures.

The Alligator Teeth talisman, typical of American folklore but actually made from casted tooth skins - can bring a little luck into the gambler's life. Animal lovers should know: no alligators were harmed when these casino good-luck charms (made with their shed teeth) were created.


You may not have realized it, but the makers of Lucky Charms cereal were on to something when they released their marshmallow-filled charms. It turns out that people are programmed to gamble with a reward system in place.

The release of dopamine and endorphins sends them into a frenzy as soon as they feel like they've won or gotten what they wanted.

While this is great for those who love gambling, many people find themselves spending too much time playing games in an effort to get back all the money they’ve lost before realizing how addictive these behaviors can be.

If you need help with gambling, reach out to us and our team will be happy to assist.

We can provide resources for gamblers looking to get out of debt or find recovery from addiction through counseling services in your local area as well.

Whether it’s advice on how to stop betting compulsively or understanding where problem gambling comes from, we have what you need.

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